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Newsletter: Winvest Group Limited Subsidiary IQI Media Shares Updates on Original Content Currently in Development

Winvest Group Limited subsidiary IQI Media, a full-service content development and production company based in Los Angeles, recently provided updates on several film projects currently in development. Beyond the company’s Winnie-the-Pooh animated prequel film Beyond Pooh Corner, IQI Media is also developing a diverse slate of original live-action films that include:



Naughty is an amusing Christmas film with a twist. In a small town filled with holiday cheer, a jaded copywriter sparks an unexpected romance with the last person she’d ever predict: a charming, honest-to-goodness elf from the North Pole. Can this Christmas hater let go of her holiday resentments and remove herself from the “naughty list”? IQI Media exclusively owns the rights to shop the completed script by Nick Reiber, which is currently being reviewed by the Hallmark Channel, known for its extensive holiday programming (42 Christmas films in 2023).[i]


Bed and Breakfast and Bigfoot


Another feel-good Christmas film under review by the Hallmark Channel, Bed and Breakfast and Bigfoot, written by Joe Vitale, is a rom com holiday movie that follows a female B&B owner who hatches a clever plan to keep her inn in business by inventing a Bigfoot sighting. When her ruse succeeds, she finds herself overrun with guests, including one very attractive Bigfoot hunter. Now she must keep the plot going if she wants her crush to stick around. With a budget of $1.5 to $2M, Bed and Breakfast and Bigfoot will film in Canada for its strong tax incentives.



The Map

Imagine waking up in a strange place and having no idea who you are or how you got there. The only clues are the multiple map coordinates tattooed on your back. This is the plight of Abigail Cole, a South Korean government operative who volunteered to have her memory altered to infiltrate a gang of jewel thieves. This dramatic action film is filled with explosive thrills and high stakes combat, as Abigail soon learns the fate of the world is in her hands. IQ Media has optioned the treatment for The Map, with Jonathan Latt (writer/creator) and Arthur Anderson (director) attached to the project.



Billie Black

Ever wished you could communicate with the dead? It may be more dangerous than you think. Billie Black is a thrill ride of a ghost story about love, grief, and learning to let go, all told from the perspective of a character literally haunted by her past. Billie is a medium who must use her paranormal gifts to expel a violent entity that has suddenly taken the place of her beloved dead husband. IQ Media has optioned the screenplay by Nick Reiber (Naughty) and is currently in the storyboarding and visual effects breakdown stage, with Louisiana selected as the filming location.



Become an investor today

Investment units are currently available for all four projects, with a minimum purchase of 1 Unit for      $250,000 to $500,000, depending on each film’s specific financial setup. IQI Media has created a financial structure that allows investors to purchase and hold stock options for film investment.


For more details on these unique investment opportunities, including the terms, projections, and risks, interested parties may request the private placement memorandum (PPM) for the film(s) in question by emailing [email protected]. We are also happy to discuss customizing the equity shares in these four films, all of which have budgets of $3M or less to help promote a higher return on investment.


Read other recent announcements concerning our film and television projects on our News page.


About Winvest Group Limited:

Winvest Group Limited is an investment holding company specifically focused on media and entertainment, production and filmmaking, as well as marketing and distribution for all projects on domestic and international streaming platforms and media channels. Winvest will develop and manage a diverse range of multilingual film and television projects. For additional information about Winvest and its investment opportunities, please visit


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