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Declaration of Corporate Governance

Winvest Group Limited (OTCMKTS: WNLV), an OTC Markets Group listed company, is constantly committed to strengthening corporate governance standards and practices across the financial services industry. Through its supervisory engagement with clients, leaders, employee voice and integrity, the company has identified the credentials to benefit from good corporate governance, as much as it’s deficiencies, whereby substandard corporate governance structures may lead to an increase in risks. Such deficiencies may contribute to undermining good culture, prudent management, board effectiveness, strong risk management and oversight, and it might be as well a trojan to safety and soundness of the company. The Corporate Governance standard for WNLV has therefore endeavoured to emphasize in every major area of development, and aimed to be as comprehensive as where it basis to provide clarity to industry and promote high standards of corporate governance within the public markets.

Corporations change, the economy changes, and the dynamics of the marketplace change as well, and it is these drivers that businesses must focus their attention on if they are to become a benchmark for success. The transforming landscape in the financial realm required refreshed boards that provide new perspectives and are living up to the challenges of board work. At WNLV, we constantly evaluate and shall ensure that the board is of sufficient expertise and size to oversee adequately the operations of business. The board is composed of the Chair and Inside Director/Officer, and majority of Regional Vice President, Independent Non-Executive Directors who can make impartial judgments, that act critically and independently so as to ensure that shareholders’ interests are well served.