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Our Team

Here at Winvest, we have gone through robust screening process to build a strong team of professional consultants who share our corporate philosophies and strategies. With our wealth of experience and proven track record, we are able to provide our esteemed clients with the best service and a true competitive edge. Seek valuable insights and outstanding investment strategies from our innovative leaders today.

Managing Board

Wan Nyuk Ming      (Sky)


Ng Chian Yin (Jasmond)

Managing Director

Jeffrey Wong Kah Mun (Jeffrey)

Executive Director

Management Team

Jeffrey Wong Kah Mun (Jeffrey)

Chief Executive Officer

Khiow Hui Lim

Chief Strategic Officer of Winvest Group Ltd. | Founder of IQI Media

Charlene Kelly

Chief Intellectual Officer of Winvest Group Ltd. | Head of Production at IQI Media

Boo Shi Huey (Windi)


Subsidiary Executive

Joseph S. Lanius

Founder & Executive Producer of The Catalyst Group | Entertainment Attorney

Nicholas D. Burnett

Co-Founder & Executive Producer of The Catalyst Group | Counselor, M&A Attorney

Affiliate Partner

Fukuhara Ren

Regional President of Winvest Global Japan, Korea