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About IQI Media

A New Generation ConTech Studio

At IQI Media, based in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, California, we excel in comprehensive content development and production. Our experienced producers oversee every phase of multilingual projects, ensuring seamless transitions from conception and strategy to design, development, post-production, and final delivery.

Founded in 2010 by Malaysian native Khiow Hui Lim, IQI Media has consistently empowered advertising agencies, new media companies, and Fortune 500 giants to craft engaging experiences across a diverse array of emerging media platforms. Our prestigious client roster includes global advertising powerhouses like Ogilvy and Dentsu, alongside industry titans such as Tencent, Apple, AIG, AT&T, Toyota, Caesars Entertainment Corporation, and Sony Entertainment.

Since 2012, IQI Media has proudly served as a pivotal production partner for, the official tourism bureau of the United States. Collaborating with the Miles Partnership and Brand USA, our mission is to produce captivating content that boosts tourism spending and market share while enhancing America’s global image.

Our expertise extends to high-budget productions, including feature films, commercials, and interactive projects with budgets reaching up to $40 million and union production crews exceeding 80 members. In 2016, we produced the sci-fi thriller *Alien Code*, featuring Mary McCormack, Azura Skye, Richard Schiff, and Kyle Gallner, now available on major streaming platforms. Our Hollywood credits also encompass notable projects such as *Jet Li: Rise to Honor* for Sony PlayStation 2, the SAG Awards’ Hollywood Hit Broadway segment, and post-production work on *Resident Evil 5 & 6* and the Oscar-winning film *Crash*.

The name “QI” in Mandarin, 「砌」, symbolizes the effort to assemble each stone to build a path toward achieving goals, embodying our commitment to precision and excellence.

IQI Media is dedicated to producing high-quality feature films and television series for the next generation. We specialize in Hollywood-level production, content analysis, creating automated workflows, and optimizing story development strategies. #metaleads #googleleads

Welcome to IQI Media – where innovation meets storytelling.

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My commitment to our team is to complete a stone path that leads IQI to a never-before-seen landscape much like the Grand Teton National Park, a landscape we have long imagined and planned  for. – Statement from Khiow Hui Lim


IQI Media aims to be the best-in-class for content creation, visual delivery, and metrics analysis so that we can help content creators earn the largest share of the global streaming market and significantly contribute to job creation, gross domestic product (GDP), and cultural content.


IQI Media’s mission is to increase incremental ad spend revenues for content creators via streaming platforms and grow market share in order to create jobs and enhance our clients’ brand stories, not only in short-form video but also in a large-scale formats like theatrical releases.

IQI Team

Managing Team

Khiow Hui Lim

Chief Strategic Officer of Winvest Group Ltd. | Founder of IQI Media

In 1997, Khiow Hui was hired by Fox Television Network (Fox 24/UPN), now a division of iHeart Media, to produce and direct public service announcements (PSAs) for the Midwest region…

Charlene Kelly

Chief Intellectual Officer of Winvest Group Ltd. | Head of Production at IQI Media

Charlene began her film career in Toronto before moving to Los Angeles. Most of her career has been spent working in Feature Animation for several studios, including Warner Brothers, Fox Animation, and Dreamworks, on films such as All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, Space Jam, The Quest for Camelot,…

Amy Morton

Producer | Editorial Lead

Amy Morton began her career at Cowboy Pictures, a small New York City film distributor, where she assisted with sales and marketing for indie, foreign language and documentary films. She then relocated to Los Angeles, where she worked as a copywriter and eventually became the Manager of Marketing Communications for an ad agency serving healthcare clients... such as Pfizer.

From there, she returned to the film industry as the Assistant Manager for Editorial Services at MGM Home Entertainment, where she developed movie taglines, synopses and more for films such as Hotel Rwanda. Since 2005, Amy has freelanced for digital agencies serving Fortune Global 500 companies and helped clients–from entertainment to technology–craft the right messaging for their marketing, branding, and web content initiatives.

Production Team

James Mills

Director | Writer | Director of Cinematography

After graduating from USC Film School with honors, James worked with producer Sean Daniel (The Mummy series, Tombstone, Dazed and Confused) before committing full-time to freelance filmmaking on his own. He has since gone on to shoot award winning narrative, commercial, music video, fashion, and documentary films (the Audience and Grand ...Jury awards at the San Francisco Film Festival and The International Audience Awards, the Grand Jury prize at the Reale International Film Festival, winner, two Tellys, one Emmy nomination). His clients have included Marriott, Disney, Westfield, Scion, the Tennis Channel (for which he served as Creative Director during the 2015 ATP Season), NFL, NBA, MLB, Build-a-Bear, Holiday Inn, BCBG, and dozens of other globally recognized companies. Two of Mills’ feature screenplays are currently in pre-production (NEW AMERICANS, I WILL FOLLOW HIM).

James currently is now working at the field as the Director of Cinematography for Academy Award actor, Sean Penn’s documentary feature.

After graduating from USC Film School with honors, James worked with producer Sean Daniel (The Mummy series, Tombstone, Dazed and Confused) before committing full-time to freelance filmmaking on his own. He has since gone on to shoot award winning narrative, commercial, music video, fashion, and documentary films (the Audience and Grand Jury awards at the San Francisco Film Festival and The International Audience Awards, the Grand Jury prize at the Reale International Film Festival, winner, two Tellys, one Emmy nomination). His clients have included Marriott, Disney, Westfield, Scion, the Tennis Channel (for which he served as Creative Director during the 2015 ATP Season), NFL, NBA, MLB, Build-a-Bear, Holiday Inn, BCBG, and dozens of other globally recognized companies. Two of Mills’ feature screenplays are currently in pre-production (NEW AMERICANS, I WILL FOLLOW HIM).


At Winvest Limited Group, we provide an investment opportunity that allows investors to have equity in the LLC’s intellectual property.

The funds raised through this investment will be strategically allocated towards the development of IQI Media’s original content slates and the advancement of Launchrr’s SaaS development initiatives.

If you are interested in learning more about investing in Winvest Limited Group shares, please reach out to us for detailed information and guidance.

IQI Media produce a slate of original series and feature films, we run our live action film production.

Winnie-the-Pooh – Prequel Feature Film

Genre: Animation

IQI Media, Inc. teamed up with the most accomplished animation writing and voicing teams worldwide, with 31 EMMYS collectively stars Baboon Animation work out a prequel feature film to the A.A Milne’s classic book “Winnie-the-Pooh”.

Winnie-the-Pooh will be reboot to that energetic and scheming cuddly bear who will do anything to get honey that he loves more than life itself.

This feature film tell the surprising origin of “silly young bear” and his hilarious band of young friends, when they were still kids in a way designed to connect with 21st century kids!

Development Phase: Storyline and character design position developing, estimate complete by second Quarter of 2023

Potential Box Office Revenue: US$404 million

Beyond Pooh Corner Production LLC

To know more about BPC fundraising mechanisms through LLC, click here

Security Attorney: John W. Cones
Corporate Counsel: Edward Anderson
Merchandising & Licensing Ambassador: TBD

Billie Black

Genre: Horror, Live Action Feature
Director: Nick Reiber
Writer/Screenwriter:  Nick Reiber
Production: Yr. 24′ – 25′

Current status: In pre-production. Full storyboarding.
Funds Status: 2 Units Sold – Help us to meet the mininum

What to look at:

Billie Black is a thrill ride of a ghost story about love, grief, and learning to let go, all told from the perspective of a character literally haunted by her past. At its core, it’s a horror movie with a heart.

A medium who is haunted by the spirit of her dead husband must use her paranormal gifts to expel a violent entity that has suddenly taken his place.

Billie Black has seen horrifying visions of ghosts since childhood — a gift that has felt more like an isolating curse growing up. Now as an adult, she pays her bills by using her paranormal abilities to rid haunted houses of their unwanted guests. Her few remaining friends wish she would give up her dangerous profession, including the ghost of her dearly departed husband, who has been haunting her since his death. When Billie’s usual source of lucrative hauntings dries up, she is forced to venture into the seedier corners of the paranormal. There, Billie will uncover new evils that will threaten not only her life, but her beloved husband’s soul.

Private Placement Available for this original slate
Minimum of $600,000 Maximum of $2,000,000 of Limited Liability Company Interests (Units)
Offered in a Minimum of 3 Units to a Maximum of 0 Units at $200,000 Per Unit

Interested to engage in our original slate

The Map

Genre: Live ACTION DRAMA Feature
Director: ArthurAnderson
Writer/Screenwriter: Jonathan Latt
Production: Yr. 24′ – 25′

Current status: Treatment completed. Finalizing PPM – Min | Max – $1M – $5M

A young woman wakes up in a strange place, not having any idea who she is, where she is, or how she got there. Checking into a local hotel, she quickly discovers that she has multiple map coordinates tattooed on her back. She receives a phone call pointing her toward a local cartographer. He creates a map out of the coordinates and the chase is on. Thinking she’s a jewel thief in league with a band of killer thieves, over time she comes to realize she’s a South Korean government operative who volunteered to have her memory altered to infiltrate the gang, work under deep cover and pursue what turns out to be a key to saving the world from damnation.

Bed, Breakfast and Bigfoot

Genre: Rom Com (Feel Good Story)
Writer:  Joe Vitale and Baboon Animation
Current status: Screenplay in development
Production Budget: $1.5 to $2 million

What to look at:
Were Bigfoot tracks only observed during Christmas time?

Sweet and quirky Olivia Locke runs a B&B – but it’s about to go out of business. Desperate to save it, she sees a story on the news about people flocking to a town that had a Bigfoot sighting – and she gets an idea.

Soon the town is swarming with tourists and Bigfoot hunters who stay at her B&B – including a rustic, soft-spoken and effortlessly sexy Bigfoot Hunter named Rex Brigman. Olivia and Rex get closer as he invites her on a nighttime Bigfoot hunt where he tells her he’ll only be in town as long as Bigfoot is. Desperate to keep Rex around, Olivia keeps up the ruse as she continues to create fake evidence of Bigfoot – even wearing a gorilla costume as she wanders through the woods. But it all comes crashing down when Rex discovers the ruse and feels betrayed. Can Olivia save this budding relationship, or will Bigfoot stomp on her heart?


Genre: Rom Com Holiday (Feel Good Story)
Writer:  Nick Reiber
Current status: Funds Raising
Production Budget: $1 – $2 million

Andrea has hated Christmas ever since she received a lump of coal in her stocking as a “naughty” child. Now, as a successful copywriter for a marketing agency (and her small town’s resident Grinch), she struggles to muster enough Christmas spirit to appease her clients, neighbors, and visiting niece Ellie. When Teddy, a charming and handsome average-sized elf from the actual North Pole, comes to her hometown to investigate Andrea’s history with the Naughty List, these two polar opposites get more than they bargained for. Can the woman who hates Christmas fall in love with an Elf straight out of Santa’s workshop and find her Christmas spirit?

Private Placement Available for this original slate
$250,000 per unit to purchase
Total 8 units to purchase.
Interested to engage in our original slate

This Whole World

Genre: Animation
Current status:
 Screenplay in development
Production Budget: $12 Million (52 Episodes)

Designed for a younger demographic, this vibrant and captivating animated TV series revolves around the fundamental principle of acceptance and coexisting in harmony. Set in a delightful and lively world, the creatures inhabiting it must learn to live in unity with their island and with one another if they wish to thrive.

The backbone of this IP is the iconic music catalogue created by the legendary Brian Wilson of Beach Boys fame. It is an amazing opportunity to introduce this wonderful music to a new generation of listeners by having it recomposed and sung by emerging artists in the industry. We intend to give the music an urban feel and are thrilled to announce that Brian Hardgroove of Public Enemy has expressed interest in joining as the Music Producer. With his vast connections in the hip-hop industry and membership in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, his reputation is nothing short of legendary. The project promises to be a gift to the world.

With an initial budget of $12 million (USD), the primary focus of our offering will be to maintain the music rights and produce the pilot for promotional purposes. The success of the first season will determine the feasibility of creating a second season, which will involve the use of other characters inhabiting the island as well as the acquisition of the rights to the iconic Bee Gees music catalogue. This project is poised to become another promising asset for IQI Media.

Potential Box Office Revenue: US$257 million

Private Placement Available for this original slate
$200,000 per unit to purchase for development.
Total 5 units to purchase
A mini-maxi offering with a minimum (including offering expenses) of $400,000 (“Minimum”) and a
maximum of $1,000,000 (“Maximum”)
Interested to engage in our original slate

2021 US Entertainment and Media Outlook by the Numbers


OTT video revenue


YOY increase of TV
advertising revenue


years for box office revenue
to reach pre-COVID levels


eSports market revenue


YOY growth in video games


projected increase of virtual
reality revenue over
forecasted period


YOY growth of consumer
magazine circulation


in podcast advertising


increase in internet
access revenue by next year

Owned SaaS

Launchrr is a cloud-based content distribution platform for filmmakers and content creators.


We live in a world where for the most part, content owners and distribution outlets are set apart (for example –Studios claim to owns the content, and XXX networks distribute the content, or Somebody sells it to the market). Content owners are also disgrace from data and owning the full conversion funnel.

The opportunity for content owners to put their own content in front of a more targeted audience and complete the conversion chain is far too good a prospect and this will ultimately lead the windows collapsing.

A Game-changing Solution For Streaming Distribution

Some of the keyways we’re changing the game:

Offering a single submission process for all major streamers

Taking on the data-heavy technical aspects so you don’t have to

Negotiating with streamers to find the best home for your projects

Transforming P&A with our innovative social advertising options

Our Features
— Functionality You Will Love

Easy-to-use asset management = fewer submission headaches

Instead of filling out endless spreadsheets and searching for files, you can now securely upload all of your project’s assets and technical data to Launchrr. Everything will be stored all in one place, and you’ll have a URL that lets you to share your complete assets as needed. Plus, you can submit them to any or all streamers with just one click, knowing it’ll meet their requirements due to our direct API integrations. 

Assets that can be securely stored include:

  • Film masters
  • Trailers
  • Posters
  • Closed captions  

Built-in social advertising that’s flexible and targeted

Just as consumers have turned to streaming platforms for movies and TV shows, advertisers have turned to social media for precise targeting. As part of our Conversion Plan, Launchrr has pioneered what we call “social P&A” to gain exposure for your projects. We’ll help you target your ads using keywords, interests, demographics, and more, and we’ll split the ad revenue with you (70/30, 60/40, or 50/50).

Real-time transparency, insights, and earning reports

Today’s content creators know how important it is to analyze the data. Visit your Dashboard to track every critical data point in real time, from revenue to viewership to demographics. With these insights, you can then better target your social advertising using our content management system. You can also link directly to certain payroll companies for residual payments due to guild members.*

*This feature is available only for payroll companies and guilds that provide direct API integrations to Launchrr.

Blockchain-based security for your intellectual property

Our decentralized copyright protection is based on Blockchain technology. Encrypt your assets and prevent fraud using our “chain-in-one gatekeeper solution.” It includes low-cost intellectual property rights management, end-to-end traceability and surveillance, and an immutable ledger. You will automatically have proof of evidence that you’re the creator/owner, plus secure funds distribution.

More Profit For Filmmakers and Content Creators

The traditional distribution model can leave you with very little to show at the end. With Launchrr, we cut out all the middlemen, connect you directly with streamers, and offer affordable flat fees for encoding, captioning, and more. We are also the only platform to offer multiple revenue streams —such as a guaranteed minimum, a profit-
sharing percentage, AND an ad revenue split from different streamers. The result is a distribution model that is far more fair and profitable.

Our Solutions are Built For

Copyrighted Owner

Sales Agent

Industrial Distributor


Equity Producer

For more detailed information, check this out:

Our Cloud Partner

IQI Media Client List

Consumer Brands

7 Eleven

Insurance Companies


Financial Institutions

EastWest Bank


Stage 3 Creative

Labor Unions

Directors Guild of America (DGA)
Iinternational Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)
Producers Guild of America (PGA)
Writers Guild of America West (WGA-W)

State & City Departments

Alhambra Police Department
City of Monterey Park

Entertainment & Gaming Companies

Caesars Entertainment
FELD Entertainment
SONY Computer Entertainment

International & Local Brands

Tencent America
Want-Want Corporation

PR Firms & Consulting Firms



Make-A-Wish Foundation

Federal Entities

Miles Partnership (
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)