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About Winvest Group

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Winvest Group Limited (OTC Market: WNLV) is an investment holding company that offers diverse media and entertainment portfolios via its operating subsidiaries. Winvest is principally engaged in content management, original intellectual properties development, aggregator services, and film financing and investment, as well as emerging technologies development for the media and entertainment industries.

Gearing up to be a multimedia and entertainment business player, Winvest is committed to building sustainable growth through responsible capital management and delivering results to our stakeholders. To provide our investors and clients with a trustworthy and reliable approach to high-potential, low-risk investments. Winvest has formulated clear and realistic strategies that take into consideration the overall market development.

Vision, Mission & Core Values


Life is short! And it is too short to overthink our overthinking. Also, life is not perfect! But a dose of entertainment can be. Just like what Carlos Santana, the American Guitarist, has said:

“If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.”

At Winvest, we all agree: every life is amazing, every laugh counts, and we should help everyone around the globe enjoy it all! Plus, life feels more in control if we are being proactive with our choices and have more ways to entertain ourselves.

Therefore, this leads us to our vision statement:

To Be a Global Top 20 Lifestyle and Entertainment Company

Through the development and delivery of unique contents and productions, varieties of intellectual property, innovative platform for modern technology, all nurtured by a steady stream of capital support, practical ideas, competent executives, passionate investors, and enthusiastic followers.


Making people happy is the most joyful and meaningful job in the world!

The renowned American writer, Mark Twain, used to say:

“Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of a joy you must have somebody to divide it with.”

As mentioned earlier, entertainment can be salve to our problems. Every smile counts, and good entertainment uplifts you. And if there is someone willing to share their energy to entertain you, so you can share yours by being thoroughly entertained.

And this has led to our three primary objectives:

For individuals, families and all of society, we aim to provide our customers with an abundance of valuable and diverse media content, outstanding entertainment products, and quality film and television works. Ultimately, we hope our customers experience pleasure, joy, and inspiration from what we’ve created.

To provide our partners in the media and entertainment industries with more scaled and standardized resources and capital, to realize various creative productions, and to continuously optimize the talents, technologies and works of these industries. The goal is to benefit all players and help these vital industries flourish, develop, and evolve.

To provide our investors with a professional and complete media and entertainment investment ecosystem, and on the basis of ideal returns and low risks, to ensure the return of our investors’ capital and benefits.

Core Values

In order for Winvest Group to create lasting joy, people must be at the center of everything we do. We believe in creating meaningful jobs that will encourage growth and development in our employees. We always adopt a people-centric approach to investment, striving to achieve our goals and inspire the lives in our communities. These are our core values that govern the decisions at every step of our operations.


For our clients, we hope that through our insights and research, we can create works that are needed and enjoyed by the current market, so that clients can obtain the most gratifying results.
To our executive team and associates, we emphasize that shared knowledge and wisdom foster teamwork that will bring the company to greater heights.
For our investors, we know that all news, announcements, publications, or any other information we deliver must be consistent, competent and synchronized.


We help our customers, associates, executive team, shareholders, and investors navigate the future with our clearly defined business objectives and action plan, and we nurture them with our strong principles and top-notch productions, platforms, and performance.


Life is full of challenges and uncertainties. By investing in the development of the media and entertainment industries, we can bring infinite new experiences and provide balance for individuals, families, and society. We want people to release stress, break through resistance, and continue to maintain a joyful, happy and beautiful life!


We select feasible projects and make investment decisions through rational discussion, normative logic, and scientific evaluation methods. And to our customers, business partners, investors, and shareholders, we provide the best highest quality service through continuous review, improvement, and action.

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