About Us

We are Winvest

Winvest Group Ltd (the “Group”) , is an investment holding company that offers diverse portfolios via its operating subsidiaries. The Group is principally engaged in wealth marketing, potential growth business merger and acquisition, shares and crypto investment, production and filming investment, travel services, payment solutions, renewable energy sources and emerging technologies. Gearing up to be a multi – business holding player, the Group is committed to build sustainable growth through responsible capital management and delivering results to the stakeholders.

Winvest’s highly diversified commercial platform is established around the world, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other Asia Pacific regions. With our current client base and footing in the investment market, we hope to expand our reach to Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Philippines and South Korea, as well as European countries and United States of America. In order to provide our investors and clients with high-potential, low-risk and reliable investments, Winvest has formulated clear and realistic strategies that take into consideration the overall market development.

Our Vision

“Make Investment and Financial Planning Smarter and Fun.”
We want to be the leading company in providing capital, services, training, and solutions for chains and new energy industry, creating an engaging and smart environment for investors to manage their wealth.

Our Mission

– Strengthen our brand presence and influence across Europe and Asia, with the eventual expansion to the global market.

– Establish ourselves as the leading brand for services and solutions in investment, wealth management and entrepreneurship.

– Strive for innovation and greater convenience in education and services relating to emerging financial investment technologies.

– We aspire to provide the most resources and greatest value in the development of financial investment.

Our Core Value

At Winvest, people are at the centre of everything we do. We believe in creating meaningful jobs that will encourage growth and development in our employees. We always adopt a people-centric approach to investment, striving to achieve our goals and inspire the lives in our community. These are our core values which govern the decisions in every step of our operations.

Wisdom Shared

We share knowledge and wisdom among each other. We collectively build each other uo to make our company reach further heights.

Investment with Passion

We are passionate and driven about investment. Seeking knowledge and cultivating intuition, we invest in both ourselves and the future.

Nurturing to Newer Standard

We structure our organisation and work environment to enable each individual to reach their maximum potential. We set a high personal bar and commit ourselves to the goal.

Validate before Venture

We take a logical and calculate approach to decision-making in investment. We constinuously learn, improve and develop our perspectives to deliver the best service to our clients.

Excellence at the Core

We establish a culture of collaboration and mutual support. We value opposing views and experiences that give us the advantage over our competitors. Together, we strive to be better.

Synergise to Surplus

We help each other thrive. It is our goal to bring society closer not just to grow your business or finances, but to build an empowered community of investors for the betterment of life.


We map out our journey to success while keeping in mind the learning curves and obstacles in our way. We commit ourselves and go the extra mile for our vision.

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