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Newsletter: Winvest Group Limited Subsidiary IQI Media is Considering Tencent Cloud Media Services for Rendering its Winnie-the-Pooh Animated Prequel


Winvest Group Limited subsidiary IQI Media is considering Tencent Cloud Media Services as the rendering farm for Beyond Pooh Corner, its animated Winnie-the-Pooh prequel film. A rendering farm, in case you’re wondering, is a high-performance computer system used to create computer-generated imagery (CGI). Slated for a 2025 release, Beyond Pooh Corner would be one of the first US-produced animated feature films to use Tencent’s advanced cloud streaming services (CSS), which have primarily been utilized by the gaming industry to date.


“Beyond Pooh Corner is the perfect case study for Tencent,” said Khiow Hui Lim, Founder of IQI Media, based in Los Angeles. “We’re looking at their Cloud Media Services for several reasons, including amazing rendering speeds, lower costs and the ability to render high-quality images in real time, without lagging. Beyond that, our share point would be easier since Amazon Web Services have already been integrated into Tencent’s platform, and everything is packaged together for ease of use. We may also be interested in leveraging Tencent’s self-developed AI capabilities and real-time effects.”


Also important to IQ Media is the fact that Tencent Cloud Media Services are compliant with the best practices established by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) for securely storing, processing, and delivering protected media and content. Learn more about these industry standards and how Tencent uses self-assessment and third-party audits to ensure compliance.


Directed by DreamWorks alum Mike de Seve (Madagascar), Beyond Pooh Corner will be produced by IQI Media (Alien Code) in partnership with Baboon Animation (Angry Birds). Read other recent announcements concerning Beyond Pooh Corner on our News page.


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