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Fukuhara Ren

Regional President of Winvest Global Japan, Korea

Fukuhara Ren (Ren) began working in Softbank Technology Corporation from March 2003, working in manufacturing and development of remote surveillance cameras. She is proficient in three languages; thus, she was responsible for responding to project inquiries by overseas clients in China, Taiwan, and South Korea. She also handled the translations of contracts and accounting duties. Ren has managed to develop excellent relationships with her customers in her two years of project management, bringing substantial profits to the company.

With four years of experience in Softbank Technology Corporation, Ren has participated in several mobile app development and quality control projects. She left the company in late 2012.

Personal Motto: I believe experience is crucial in developing cutting-edge management style and leadership that is required in this day and age. There is a need for businesses to connect with the world, consolidating information, resources, products, and labour. A “new” global leader is sought after in an increasingly globalised business environment, one with the ability to assert their capabilities anywhere in the world, bringing people with different perspectives together. I believe such a global leadership is essential today.