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Elon Tung

Regional President of Winvest Global Taiwan

Elon was a career army veteran who was promoted to officer in 2000. The highly disciplined and rigorous environment nurtured a strong sense of determination in him, and he worked proactively to complete his missions and realise his targets based on the knowledge that was instilled in him. He left the military in 2009 and assumed the position of Retail Manager at eCosway, during which he was responsible for the supervision of retail operations and product sales. He was the first to be awarded exclusive eCosway selling rights in Taiwan, and he continued to expand operations in Xiamen, Meizhou, Fuzhou and more. Under his supervision and leadership, there was steady progress in franchise operations, product sales and product training pertaining to market distributors.

He left eCosway to venture into the emerging financial technology online industry. He was able to tap into his previous experience and expand his network of distributors globally, overseeing more than 100,000 distributors within eight years. He managed to bring in high performance and profits while he worked for the company in the fintech industry.

Armed with nine years of military experience as well as twelve years of online marketing experience across industries such as health, beauty and finance, Elon possesses great foresight leading his team in education and training, strategy planning, marketing, and improving team morale to maximise performance. He believes that “the key to visible success is learning”. He is constantly learning and working to achieve ambitious goals that will lead him to greater heights in life.