Winvest’s main scopes of business include education and planning, franchising, wealth marketing, as well as traditional and renewable energy sources. We are also heavily committed to the development of franchising operations in emerging technologies. Winvest provides customers with financial training and solutions in commercial investment, foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies, futures, and shares. We work with international brokers to provide services across 19 countries/regions with a focus on the Asia Pacific region.

Our focus is on education, commerce and trade, international marketing, health and wellness, chain retail franchising, affiliate programmes in conventional mining for energy, as well as development of emerging technologies in a new business era. Some of our projects are as follows:

Our Services

Winvest Traders Club

Winvest Traders Club. Winvest Traders Club offers a broad spectrum of the smart financial system and financial education, helping investors and new traders benefit from financial technology and investment. Winvest Traders Club is fun-filled with the WVG Pro Intelligent Indicator...


As a subsidiary brand of Winvest, EV Mall was established to create an enhanced aggregated marketing and sales experience through improved mechanisms and system settings. This includes a diverse allocation system of points and vouchers that can be used in purchase, B2C services, B2B batch processing business opportunities and more...


Million Diamond Club: Members can join the Million Diamond Club (MDC) through the WinX mobile app to become an esteemed diamond member. Members can enjoy special privileges and extravagant gifts, with a chance to exchange rewards monthly.

International Trading

Winvest Global is currently involved in trade projects in various industries including pellet fuel and household products. These projects provide us with access to imports and exports, thus we are able to expand our commercial network rapidly, bringing new possibilities of collaboration with...

Product Research Development

Winvest Global has a team of skilled professionals undertaking various product research development and sales. Some of these projects include saffron-related health and beauty products. We want to promote better health awareness, providing safe and effective...