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Khiow Hui, Lim

Chief Strategic Officer of Winvest Group Ltd. | Founder of IQI Media

Khiow Hui hails from Melaka, Malaysia, and holds a B.A in Electronic Arts from Wichita State University. She began her career at the Media Resources Center in Wichita, Kansas, which was a subsidiary and syndication station of The Discovery Channel. Starting as a production assistant, she rose to become a segment producer and eventually a full-fledged producer for the station. In 1997, Khiow Hui was hired by Fox Television Network (Fox 24/UPN), now a division of iHeart Media, to produce and direct public service announcements (PSAs) for the Midwest region.

In 2010, Khiow Hui founded IQI Media to help advertising agencies, new media companies, and S&P 500 leaders create intuitive experiences for a diverse range of new and emerging media. She has worked with globally renowned advertising firms like Ogilvy and Dentsu as well as new media companies and managed brands like Tencent, Apple, AIG, AT&T, Toyota, Caesars Entertainment Corporation, Sony Entertainment, and more. Khiow Hui is one of the core production team players at the Miles Partnership for—the official tourism bureau for the United States—which delivers tailored content for the domestic and international Asian markets.

At IQI Media, Khiow Hui has also produced feature films, commercials, and interactive projects with budgets of up to $40 million and union production crews of more than 80 people. In 2016, she produced her first feature film, Alien Code, a sci-fi thriller starring Mary McCormack, Azura Skye, Richard Schiff, and Kyle Gallner, now available on most streaming platforms. Other Hollywood credits include projects like Sony PlayStation 2’s Jet Li: Rise to Honor, the SAG Awards’ Hollywood Hit Broadway segment, and post-production editorial work on Resident Evil 5 & 6 and the Oscar-winning film Crash.