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Winvest Group Limited Announces New Partnership with Telecommunications Leader Pavocomms

Reno, NV – July 8, 2024 – Winvest Group Limited (OTC: WNLV) (“Winvest”), an investment holding company with diverse media, entertainment, and technology portfolios, has announced that it has entered into a new partnership with Pavo Communications Sdn. Bnd. (“PAVOCOMMS”), a telecommunications company founded in Malaysia in 2011. PAVOCOMMS is known for its popular product Mcalls, a SIM package for data, voice and text that includes a rewards redemption platform.



“We’re thrilled to collaborate with PAVOCOMMS to develop a comprehensive platform that integrates telecommunications, e-commerce and financial services,” said Jeffrey Wong, CEO of Winvest. “This partnership offers consumers seamless global connectivity and mobile services through an industry-leading telecommunications subscription model.”


The collaboration with PAVOCOMMS will introduce Viesta to us, a platform where users can purchase data plans and functions as a marketplace. Additionally, the users of this platform will benefit from using Airtime on Viesta to seamlessly purchase data plans and enjoy a leisurely shopping experience in the e-commerce marketplace, thereby expanding their choices and flexibility. We are ambitious to create an all-in-one super app in times to come.


When the new platform launches, subscribers will not only benefit from flexible worldwide communication services, but they’ll have the ability to use surplus call time as well as earned rewards within a global e-commerce marketplace. That means that unused airtime retains its value and can be used to purchase other needed goods or services.


“This integrated approach provides today’s digital nomads and entrepreneurial-minded consumers with unmatched convenience and a competitive edge,” said Wong. “We strongly believe this exciting collaboration will help Winvest to diversify and innovate on the technology side while propelling the company’s future growth and eventual IPO listing.”



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